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Dislang invites contributions from persons with disabilities and illness as well as from their caregivers, families and friends. We welcome Crip voices, Blind voices, Deaf voices, Rare voices, Fat voices, Mad voices and Neurodiverse voices, as well as voices from intersectional margins.

Write something. Something that carries…

Swati Agrawal

I think I wear shame well. Shame is an old friend. I remember the unison cries of ‘Jassi’ (after a TV character) as I walked down my school corridors. I could hardly look at the mirror without grimacing. I would look at my stretch marks, my tan, and…

Seerat Sethi

It all starts somewhere for each of us. In our heads, picking out reasons for why this must have happened to us? A spiritual reason? A purpose? A mistake for which we must be punished? …

Abhishek Anicca

Yesterday I was watching myself perform a spoken word piece on my laptop and for a brief moment, I hated my body. It was a passing thing but enough to leave me uneasy. When will I learn to accept my body? …

How #MeToo Gave Me A Vocabulary To Claim Disability Rights

Written by Ria Andriani

Edited by Ankita Anand

Illustration by Viola Gesmundo

Art by Viola Gesmundo depicting a woman with visual impairment using a cane being poked around by many hands.

Is your desire to help more important than my consent?

You stand on the platform to catch the train in the morning. It arrives. You prepare to board…


1. Read poetry

2. Watched 9 seasons of The Good Wife in a month, lying in bed

3. Lay in bed

4. Lay in bed

5. Smoked cigarettes

6. Smoked joints

7. Smoked cigarettes

8. Wait, more cigarettes


By Purnima Grover

I don’t exactly know where to start. I become so overwhelmed when I try to recap the journey and really feel proud to say that yeah I did it.

It was back in 2019, when everything started. It would be a good point to start as this…


Dislang is the voice of dissent. Moving away from the inspirational porn and expert advice, it positions itself as a medium that puts disabled, chronically ill

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